Eduard Brassin 1:48th Browning M2 Guns - 6 Weapons

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Eduard Brassin 1:48th Browning M-2 Guns – 6 Weapons

This Brassin set contains six pieces of immortal US 50 calibre machine gun M-2 by Browning or Frigidaire. (50 calibre = 0.5“ = 12.7 mm)

The gun body, barrel cooler and all external accessories are beautifully reproduced in an incredible detail

This set, containing 6 guns, is to be used for models of US bombers with fully opened gun-bays.

Example of M-2 machine guns mounted on some USAAF and USN WWII aircraft include:

P-51B,  P-51D,  B-17F/G,  P-47,  F6F Hellcat,  F4U Corsair,  F8F Bearcat, TBF Avenger,  B-25 Mitchell